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Crook County Sheriff Search and Rescue is an all-volunteer unit whose responsibility is to provide search and rescue services to people using the backcountry and recreational areas of Crook County and serve as a supplemental resource for other counties. Examples of missions are lost hikers and hunters, missing snowmobilers and bikers, and water rescue and recoveries. The majority of deployments occur within the Ochoco National Forest and the area of Bureau of Land Management.

Successful applicants to Search and Rescue will have no criminal record or major traffic violations (minor infractions may not be disqualifying, depending on their nature). Those who want to be part of the field operational team will be in good physical condition. Must be willing to be wet, cold, hot, tired and hungry to assist the Search and Rescue team and the client. They will have a team orientation, be reliable, possess a high degree of integrity, and be comfortable in the backcountry night or day any time of year. Most importantly, they must have a genuine desire to help others. They must be able to make a modest investment in clothing and equipment. They must also be able to attend monthly training meetings, currently held in Prineville at 6:00 PM on the last Thursday of the month. All appointees are expected to attend a minimum amount of mandatory training in the first year and then maintain training with refresher training each year thereafter. All new applicants can expect to be utilized on Search and Rescue missions under the supervision of experienced members.

There are, of course, certain rewards in Search and Rescue such as excellent backcountry training, association with a great group of men and women with common objectives, and knowing you provide a valuable resource to our community. To those of us in Search and Rescue, seeing a lost child or adult reunited with family is a reward beyond explanation.

Applicants will be asked to complete a detailed application and complete a personal interview with the Executive Board. Do you have what it takes?

Applications are available at the Crook County Sheriff’s Office. Questions about Search and Rescue should be addressed to the Sheriff’s Office by calling (541) 447-6398.

Certification Academy Training is scheduled for April in 2014. We accept applications and interview applicants (who pass the background check) throughout the year and expect new members to attend Academy Training in April. New members with proper gear may participate in missions under guidance of an experienced and Certified member.

Member meetings are open to potential applicants. See the Upcoming Events page for a meeting schedule.

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OSSA Certification requirements here.

Support Personnel Standards here.


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